Aritzia launches a successful IPO for their innovative design house and fashion boutique

Aritzia launches a successful IPO for their innovative design house and fashion boutique.

Aritzia opened their first standalone boutique in 1984 and have continued to grow as a company ever since. In 2016, the Vancouver-based executive team hired BryanMills as the roadshow consultant for the Aritzia IPO. The experienced BryanMills team exceeded all expectations with their handling of the tight timelines and high stakes that are part of every successful IPO. Working together, Aritzia, the private equity firm, the investment bankers, and BryanMills made the IPO a resounding success, leading to an oversubscribed raise of $460 million.

Working with the Aritzia team and collaborating with the underwriters, BryanMills wrote the speeches used by the executive team at large group meetings. Each speech communicated the unique essence of Aritzia and its strong value proposition to customers and investors.

BryanMills coached management on the presentations to ensure the best possible delivery of messages during the
1-on-1 meetings, with a particular emphasis on Q+A preparedness, mandated by every IPO.

BryanMills handled all logistics for the roadshow including flights, hotels, car service and kit deliveries across Canada and the United States. BryanMills was also responsible for the online roadshow, which included taping, syncing and password-protection. BryanMills also worked with the Aritzia team on event branding and execution.


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