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Spin Master solidifies its position as a leading global children’s entertainment company with its successful IPO and award-winning annual report.

Founded in 1994, Spin Master has propelled itself from a small, single-product toy company into a leading global children’s entertainment empire. Spin Master is best known for such popular toy brands as Bakugan, Air Hogs, Tech Deck and Zoomer to name just a few among the vast toy properties they have built over a 20-year period. The company has also been true to their innovation roots with entertainment properties like Paw Patrol and recent agreements with the Star Wars licensing empire. A growing acquisitions strategy was implemented when the company purchased the 100-year-old Meccano brand, quickly infused it with new life evidenced by Meccanoid, and won the prestigious “Last Gadget Standing” at 2015’s Consumer Electronics Show. In 2015, Spin Master hired BryanMills as a road show consultant for their Initial Public Offering (IPO). As a roadshow consultant, BryanMills managed logistics, wrote management speeches, advised on messaging and creative, and coached the executive team. As a result of this successful partnership, it was only fitting for BryanMills to produce their first annual report in both print and digital.

As roadshow consultant on the IPO, the key objective was to leverage Spin Master’s global brand attributes of innovation, diversification, technological know-how and fun. These attributes were communicated throughout all marketing pieces such as the prospectus art work, the investor kit, the video, the investor giveaways and all event branding.

This wasn’t your typical annual report. Spin Master’s report to shareholders was to be as bold and innovative as the company itself. Following learnings from the successful IPO, BryanMills needed to bring to life Spin Master’s many unique properties while showcasing the financial successes and growth prospects of the company. Our audience was prospective as well as existing investors, so our message needed to have a balance of creativity, in order to be true to the brand, and pragmatism to reinforce the investment proposition. Using the company’s unique assets – TOYS! – the story of the company unfolded and provided a natural and visual backdrop for the investment story to shine through.

For the digital report, BryanMills was able to take the experience of the printed report to another level. We did this through a modern scrolling experience and UX that organized the content into convenient, bite-sized chunks with the ability to download all financial documents. We also introduced surprise animations and page-takeovers throughout the experience to add our own brand of fun to the report.

To view the report, please click here.


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