Waterfront Centre
Waterfront Centre logo

Waterfront Centre utilizes its unique space to promote retailers through its eye-catching campaign.

Beneath the Waterfront Centre office building, the centre features a wide selection of restaurants, retail shops and services. In 2014, looking to capitalize on the foot traffic from cruise ships, the Cadillac Fairview-owned Waterfront Centre approached BryanMills to design and implement a media placement campaign for its underground path location.

Utilizing the theme “We’ve got you covered,” BryanMills developed a series of visually compelling posters that linked to the diverse offerings of each retailer in the Waterfront Centre.

The creatively intriguing posters were displayed in a series of out-of-home backlit poster boxes placed along the Waterfront Centre pathway used heavily by tourists and business professionals.

Leveraging the poster design and messaging, a series of ads and brochures were developed in a media placement campaign.

The B2C campaign was effective in showcasing the unique offerings of the Waterfront Centre and boosted sales in the underground.


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